About Us

Australian Tree Contractors is Australia’s number one company for tree care. We specialise in all aspects of arboriculture, with a fully qualified team of arborists who have years of experience in big and small projects both nationally and internationally.

Australian Tree Contractors has built an environmentally sound reputation throughout Australia and the South West coast for providing a complete and professional land and tree clearance service to local authorities, developers and commercial clients of all sizes.

The Team

Patrick started working for an arborist when he was 14 years old in Yorkshire, England. He had a natural talent for tree climbing & went on to do his aboriculture training to become a fully qualified arborist. With over 16 years experience & the most up to date training, Patrick knows the industry inside and out.

He has worked all over the world, America, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand & now Australia where he has settled with his family. Patrick takes great pride in his work & has built a fantastic reputation with all his clients and customers.

Australian Tree Contractors is a family owned and run business run by Patrick and his wife Haley, and employ Patrick’s brother and father in law.

Our team of eight employees includes two qualified arborists. All our staff are fully trained in their areas of expertise, such as climber, chipper operator, skid steer operator, and E.W.P operator. We pride ourselves on performing any job with skill and professionalism. For larger jobs we can work closely with other contractors.