King Tree Road in Dardanup

Cleared King Tree Road in Dardanup for the Shire of Dardanup so the road could be widened. The stumps and timber were ground to make a stock pile of mulch to spread on the sides of the road to encourage growth and meet environmental obligations.

Southern Cross towards Kalgoorlie

Cleared 90km of trees and bush from Southern Cross towards Kalgoorlie for Western Power for a project to lay cable and fibre optics.

Ferguson valley

Mulched plum trees for an orchard in Ferguson valley.

Shenton Road Dardanup

Pruned all the trees up to 6m above the road at Shenton Road Dardanup to provide access for trucks, and to improve safety and visibility.

Farm land in Busselton

Using our 25 tonne excavator and our forestry mower, we cleared 25 acres of bush to make good farm land in Busselton. The land was then ploughed and seeded with our John Deere and Speed tiller.