Consultation Services


Provide expert witness testimony in cases involving damage or injury related to trees


Conduct appraisals of tree value in property insurance claims

Environmental Impact

Evaluate the environmental impact of land development

Long-term Planning

Guide the long-term planning for placement and maintenance of trees


Offer valuable information about the preservation of existing trees

Disease Management

Inspect plant material for disease and insect issues


Educate clients about the preservation of existing trees


Counsel homeowners on the evaluation, planning and preservation of trees

Environmental Consultancy

ATC provide consultative services on all aspects of countryside & land management Australia wide. Specialising in utility arboriculture, land clearance & tree maintenance. We offer you a complete service from survey and consultation to clearance and vegetation management.

During our initial consultation on your site, we will note any problems that may be present. Our process ensures that we fully assess the risk of the work. Power lines, structures or other obstacles can require the use of specialist equipment. We use the latest tool and techniques for performing tree work quickly, safely & efficiently.

Land Clearance

Australian Tree Contractors are your number one choice for land clearing development and regeneration projects both big and small.

Our highly experienced and qualified arborists, work with developers to assess all aspects of land clearing projects to achieve the best outcomes, while meeting council regulations. Failure to meet these regulations can result in unnecessary delays and greater expense to your project.

When land clearance is required for a development project, careful planning is required to ensure minimum impact to protected flora and fauna. A critical part of this process, is an Arborist report, necessary to ensure that trees have been taken into consideration.

  • Our qualified and experienced land clearing professionals can complete land clearing projects of any size. We can easily handle large-site preparation, as well as smaller, residential jobs.
  • ATC will assess and minimise adverse environmental impacts of its planned work activities.
  • ATC is compliant with applicable environmental statutory requirements.
  • We demonstrate environmentally responsible practices and regard for employees, customers and community environmental expectations
  • All waste is recycled into forest mulch.

Pruning, Root & Stump Extraction

Australian Tree Contractors provide pruning services to maintain the health & beauty of your trees. Our pruning service includes thinning, shaping, crown lifting & removal of dead & dangerous limbs. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge & experience which is why our team of qualified tree surgeons & consultancy staff are always on hand to offer you advice & guidance.

In the event you need to remove an entire tree, ATC can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently, ensuring your property remains attractive and safe. There are a host of benefits (check out a few listed below) to removing old stumps from your property and the process is even environmentally friendly.

  • Space for new plants

    As you remove the stump, a big area of your yard becomes available to you. It is full of new possibilities. You can add new flowering or fruiting plants in the recently cleared area, or plant a new tree. Either way, it will be a lot more useful to you than a dead stump in the midst of other plants.

    As old trees spread their roots deep into the ground, stump removal helps in killing and removing those roots as well. This helps new plants to grow properly, without the hindrance of old roots underneath the ground.

  • Avoid Re-growth

    Stumps usually die when the rest of the tree is cut off, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the tree starts growing again from the stump and this time there is not just one tree stem, but a number of stems interlocked with one another. The returning growth of the tree gives it an uneven and wild look that can ruin the overall beauty of your yard.

    Removal of the stump is the best way to avoid this scenario where a stump becomes the base for a scraggly tree.

  • Protect your family

    Trees hollow out the ground, making it weaker, especially if the stump cracks open and leaves a hole in the ground that people can fall into. Ensure that your family is safe from injuries and accidents by removing any potential stump hazzards around the home.

  • Keep your yard looking great

    Stumps are unsightly objects in a yard that is full of colour and life. If you love to maintain your property, an expert stump removal will return your the beauty to your garden and minimize potential damage to your existing hard work.

  • Protection from Pests

    As stumps decay, they become home to a variety of insects and pests like termites. These creatures can also spread to your other plants and can even enter your home, causing costly damage. Hence, it is usually best to remove a stump before the decomposition process begins to avoid the menace of pests later on.